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Reconstruction Services


Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.


Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.


Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Balconies, Decks, Railings,
Fences, Waterproofing, Dry Wall

All Reconstruction Services provided by CCP Painting, Inc. are done so with quality and care. With years working in the industry, our crew of professional builders and supervisors come together at our Construction Company in order to provide our clients with the Reconstruction and Repair services they need for their Home Association or Commercial Property. Check out our services below.

100% Fully Licensed and Insured


Reconstruction, Repair, and Rebuild Services

Highly Trained Professional Craftsmen and Safety Supervisors

Reliable Scope of Work and Timeline

Commercial, HOA, and Multi-Family Reconstruction Services



old Building facade renovation, house re
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Balconies And Decking

Over time, balconies and decking can experience deterioration and water damage; affecting both the aesthetic looks and the structural safety of your property. We work with you to design a plan to rebuild or replace any cosmetic damage as well as structural safety elements of your properties' balconies and decking. 

New deck patio built of wood, pine timbe
Railings And Fences

Railings and Fences serve as important safety and security features for your property. Railings or fences that are damaged, weathered, or broken may increase the safety and security risk for your residents. Railings and fences should not only provide security but also add to the visual appeal of your property. We are here to develop a plan to ensure that all of your railings and fences are restored to a beautiful working condition.


Whether your goal is to waterproof a single balcony or take care of an entire home association, CCP Painting, Inc. has knowledgable craftsmen who can implement waterproofing systems  to fit your needs. We are able to provide long lasting waterproofing solutions for new and old construction that will protect your property against weather detoriation with minimal upkeep.

Dry Wall Replacement

Professional drywall repair is essential in keeping your property looking great. Our expert craftsmen can repair and replace drywall that has been damaged from moisture, cracks, holes, regular wear and tear, and damage from tenants. We  provide expert drywall finishing services that lay the foundation for a flawless professional paint job.


Board Members and Community Managers trust our commitment to excellence from start to finish. We are industry leaders in communication both during project planning and through execution. Your Board members, Property Managers, and Residents can rest assured that we carry out our projects with superior professionalism, safety, and quality.


Whether you need interior/ exterior painting or repair services, CCP Painting, Inc. is fully licensed and insured to meet your commercial property renovation needs. We value client relationships and will work closely with you to ensure the success of your next project. Contact us to schedule your complimentary bid walk and estimation today!


If you are considering a repaint or renovation of a multi-family property, we are happy to assist you in picking paint types and colors and deciding on necessary craftsmen repairs. We will help you plan your vision and budget needs through a complimentary bid walk and estimation process. CCP Painting, Inc. is committed to making your needs our number one priority. Contact Us Today!

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